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How to lay artificial grass

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Preparing the area

  • Remove all existing grass and weeds. The surface must be smooth clean and level so you will also need to remove any large stones.

  • You will then need to level the surface with a compacter plate or roller, these can be readily hired from most tool hire companies, once you are happy with the surface you will need to apply a layer of sand as artificial grass should not be installed directly onto topsoil. The sand will also help to keep the surface smooth and free from any lumps and bumps

  • Next you should spray the area with a weed killer and then install weed membrane.

  • Now you are ready to lay clean Type 1 or limestone 20mm grade size aggregate to a minimum of 75mm thickness and compact the stone with a roller or compacting plate.

  • Now add a layer of fine stone either sharp sand or grit sand 6-14mm grade size, to a depth of 20–40mm. Compact this again with the roller or compacter plate.

Laying the artificial grass

  • Roll out the grass on your compacted base then allow the grass to settle overnight.

  • Trim the grass carefully using a sharp knife, for a neat finish you should turn the grass over and cut neatly next to the stitch lines

  • For large areas you may have to join two pieces of grass. For this you will need to purchase a joining tape and adhesive

  • Use landscaping nails placed every 10–20cm to secure the grass in place.

  • Brush off any excess pieces of grass and dirt.

You are now ready to enjoy your low maintenance lawn!

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